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Insulation Removal Vacuum - 20 HP Miscellaneous
For BLOWN INSULATION only! This Insulation Removal Vacuum is designed for fast removal of wet or dry insulation from attics, sidewalls and crawl spaces helping contractors get the job down efficiently and cleanly. With the addition of disposable recovery bags, insulation can be disposed of easily and without hassle. We carry the bags - just $29.95 each! This tool is for contractors of a variety of disciplines to tackle large losses caused by natural disasters or general cleanup on construction sites.
$ 295.00 Daily Rate
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Soda Blaster- portable Miscellaneous
Similar in concept to sand blasting, Soda Blasting is much kinder and gentler to the underlying surface and the environment. It uses safe, harmless dry baking soda blast media instead of sand. A low-impact, eco-friendly way to strip paint, use this soda blaster to clean delicate parts, soft metals or to work in areas where other blast media would be a hazard. Requires 185 CFM Air compressor, not included.
$ 245.00 Daily Rate
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Straw Blower Lawn & Tree Care, Miscellaneous, Lawn
This Straw Blower can be towed with a pickup, leaving more room in the bed of the truck for materials. Flail chains inside the machine break up the straw, resulting in longer pieces of straw.  Longer pieces of straw provide better erosion control. Also with the flail chain design, clogging almost never occurs. Unlike hand spreading, 2 people can average 120 bales per hour and will reduce the amount of straw required by up to 20%.
$ 125.00 Daily Rate
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Paint Sprayer - Airless, .47 GPM Miscellaneous
Painting contractors and remodelers choose the this sprayer for tackling jobs like rental and residential properties and small commercial buildings. The proven endurance pump delivers maximum life and supports a .021-inch tip to spray heavier materials and hot solvents such as solvent-based lacquer. The ProConnect System allows you to replace the pump on the job, eliminating downtime and keeping you spraying. The welded, chrome-plated steel frame enhances durability on the jobsite.
$ 80.00 Daily Rate
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200 Cfm Hepa Vac System Concrete & Compaction, Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control, Miscellaneous
This 200 Cfm EDCO Vacuum System will help you stay OSHA compliant. Use Hepa Vacuum systems for dust control with EDCO grinders, scarifiers, scabblers and hardscape & masonry saws. Ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor working environments: Collecting dust and debris from construction equipment; Dust control in wood shops, welding shops, drywall contractors, powder paint booth systems, etc; Lead paint removal. IMPORTANT: THIS UNIT REQUIRES A DEDICATED 20 AMP CIRCUIT @ 110 volt !
$ 60.00 Daily Rate
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Blower, Walk behind Lawn & Tree Care, Miscellaneous, Lawn
This blower is known for its unmatched leaf-blowing efficiency. Drastically cut your leaf clean up time with this easy to maneuver blower! The unique split-stream air deflector moves piles of leaves farther and faster; without blow-back. Or use it for for moving stubborn debris, removing standing water, preparing asphalt or flat roofs for resurfacing, or for any job that requires hurricane-force air!
$ 40.00 Daily Rate
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Wallpaper Steamer - Electric Miscellaneous
This Electric Wallpaper Steamer is a rugged wallpaper removal machine perfect for do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors alike. It operates on an ordinary 15A house current, and draws 1500W. It's furnished with a medium size steam pan, a 15' steam hose and a 15' electric cord.
$ 29.00 Daily Rate
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Paint Striping Machine Miscellaneous
This Professional Striping Machine is designed to apply sharp, crisp lines on parking lots, athletic fields and other venues where striping is needed. The machine can create a line that is anywhere from 2 in. to 4 in. wide. It comes with a convenient storage area that can hold up to 12 additional cans of paint. You'll find a wide selection of striping paint cans for sale in our store!
$ 10.00 Daily Rate
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Chain Hoist - 1/2 TON, 10 ft Miscellaneous
This 1/2 ton Chain Hoist provides unparalleled safety for the most demanding applications. It has a capacity of 1,100, a standard lift of 10 foot and headroom of 12 inches.
$ 8.00 Daily Rate
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Construction Harness Miscellaneous
This Construction Harness is made of nylon polyester webbing and polyester thread with steel hardware. It has mating buckles on the chest and leg straps and fully integrated in line 6' NoPac energy absorbing lanyard attached to the center of back with soft attachment at D-slider. One size fits most.
$ 6.00 Daily Rate
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Aerial Kit - Harness & Lanyard, Universal Fit Miscellaneous
Harness AND Lanyard! Weight rating 110-290 lbs. This Werner Aerial Kit includes a harness and energy absorbing lanyard for use with aerial lifts. The harness and lanyard are packaged in a convenient tool bag. Features BaseWear std harness with single back D-ring and pass through legs and has 5-point adjustments for optimal fit. Also features 6 ft. DeCoil lanyard with snap hooks.
$ 6.00 Daily Rate
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Headgear and Faceshield Miscellaneous
This Headgear with Facesheild meets ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2010 general and high impact protector requirements. It features a 5-position crown strap and thirteen position ratchet suspension offer a customized fit for individual wearers. It offers head and face protection for many jobs and tasks where liquid and chemical splashes may occur. The clear, molded faceshield provides high impact protection.
$ 5.00 Daily Rate
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Traffic cone - 28 inch, recessed collar Miscellaneous
Increase driver and pedestrian awareness with this 28 inch brilliant flourescent orange Safety Cone. The reflective collar is protected by molded recesses in the cone.
$ 5.00 Daily Rate
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Cable Puller - 2 ton, 6 ft. Lift Miscellaneous
This general purpose Cable Puller is designed to lift, lower, stretch or pull heavy loads. It's manufactured with lightweight zinc-plated steel to resist corrosion and a double sealed ratchet wheel brake system that holds the load securely in any position, increasing safety on the jobsite.
$ 5.00 Daily Rate
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