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Stump Grinders

Stump Grinder, 40 HP, large with stand-on platform Lawn & Tree Care, Stump Grinders
The SC40TX is the first stump grinder on the market with a stand-on platform to drive the machine. Compared with traditional self-propelled stump cutters, operators will be able to maneuver the machine from stump to stump faster. A 40 hp T4 Final diesel engine provides substantial power. At 36 inches wide, the SC40TX will work well in small areas and fit through standard gates.
$ 310.00 Daily Rate
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Stump Cutter- 25 HP, 16 inch cutter wheel Lawn & Tree Care, Tree Care, Stump Grinders
This stump grinder features ease of operation and compact design. AutoSweep feature monitors engine speed and automatically adjusts cutter wheel sweep rate, while the SmartSweep control system monitors engine load and provides continuous feedback, resulting in a smooth and consistent cutter wheel sweep rate. Ground disturbance is minimized due to long tracks. The handle system provides additional capacitance sensing capability and is intended to help protect the operator.
$ 160.00 Daily Rate
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Stump Grinder- 14 inch Lawn & Tree Care, Tree Care, Stump Grinders
This stump grinder features a cutting system normally reserved for larger stump grinding machines. The well-balanced design offers commercial power and high productivity. Operator fatigue is reduced with an ergonomic handle that is adjustable to four height positions to ensure operator comfort and a safe stance during all stages of stump removal. The compact design and clean sight lines of the stump grinder make it easy to maneuver through narrow gates and other tight areas.
$ 130.00 Daily Rate
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