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Lawn & Landscape

Wheelbarrow- 6 Cu Ft Lawn & Tree Care, Garden, Lawn & Landscape
Coming in to rent some items for that landscaping or lawn care job? Don't forget to include a wheelbarrow to make your job easier! You'll be glad you didn't forget it!
$ 9.00 Daily Rate
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Trimmer - Hedge, Electric, 25 Inch Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Trimmers
This electric trimmer is well balanced with less weight. Its two-hand operation switch motor runs only when grips are held with both hands. The large, transparent hand guard permits a good view of the work area and the ergonomic grip is designed for improved comfort and handling. It has a low motor noise level for quiet operation and is engineered for lower vibration and increased user comfort.
$ 25.00 Daily Rate
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Trimmer, String Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Trimmers
This 25.4 cc high torque string trimmer combines a cleaner-burning 4-stroke motor with less weight, quieter operation, and a high power-to-weight ratio. It has a high-torque gear case for improved cutting performance. The steel drive shaft results in less vibration, and the captured control wires are engineered to prevent snagging. This tool is very efficient due to the high capacity, rapid loading bump-and-feed trimmer head.
$ 31.00 Daily Rate
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Mower- 21 in, self propelled walk behind Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Mowers
If you've got extra helpers, but not enough mowers, we can help. Or if your mower decided it was done with life, and you have to get that lawn cut NOW, call us to rent this reliable self-propelled, variable speed Select Drive® mower today. It has a cutting width of 21 inches and a mowing height range of 3/4" - 4".
$ 35.00 Daily Rate
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Snow Box for Dingo, 4 ft wide Lawn & Tree Care, Skid Steer Attachments, Lawn & Landscape
When the forecast calls for heavy snow, be prepared with this mini 4 foot Snow Box for the Dingo. It pushes 5 x's more snow than a standard blade or plow! That means you are done plowing 5 times faster and can move on to the next job or go warm up with a mug of hot chocolate!
$ 35.00 Daily Rate
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Hedge Trimmer - Gas - Articulating 25.4 CC Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Trimmers
If you have tall hedges, then you need this 20" articulating hedge trimmer with an efficient 4-stroke engine. It delivers power and ease-of-use for commercial duty and residential jobs. The 4-stroke commercial duty engine requires no fuel mixing, and delivers a high blade speed (4,200 SPM) for efficient cutting. For added convenience, the trimmer is engineered with mechanical automatic engine decompression for quicker, easier starts.
$ 35.00 Daily Rate
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Trimmer - Brush, Bicycle Handles, gas Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Trimmers
Get ready to tackle that brush with this power packed tool! This trimmer includes a multi-position lubrication system that enables the engine to be inclined to any angle for continuous operation. It features quick, easy starts and light weight, compact design. You will notice less vibration, and molded throttle assembly with wide-grip throttle trigger for reduced fatigue. No fuel mix is required.
$ 40.00 Daily Rate
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Sidewalk Edger- Gas Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Misc. Lawn Care
This wheeled edger is designed to cut clean, crisp edges quickly and efficiently, even in tough conditions. Dual belts provide extra power to the blade to cut up to 90 feet per minute. Get the job done quickly and more efficiently! It is user–friendly with fingertip controls and a ratchet–arm height adjustment system for fatigue–free operation and control.
$ 41.00 Daily Rate
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Aerator- Tow Behind, 36 inch, Plug Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Aerators
This Tow Behind Aerator is perfect for aerating and packing your yard and soil. The wide 36” drum allows you to cover more area per pass, making work fast and easy. The 24-gallon drum can be filled to your desired weight using water or sand. This design allows you to aerate your lawn while you roll it to keep your lawn healthy and looking great. It has a pin style hitch and is designed to be towed behind ATV’s, UTV’s and utility tractors. Ideal for high sand concentrated soils and other loose soil makeups.
$ 45.00 Daily Rate
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Snow Box for Skidsteer, 8 ft wide Lawn & Tree Care, Skid Steer Attachments, Lawn & Landscape
This 8' snow box with back drag bar for skidsteer will make your snow removal jobs easy this winter. It features rubber blades for minimizing damage to concrete and asphalt surfaces. The pullback bar easily back drags snow away from garage doors, docks, out buildings etc.
$ 49.00 Daily Rate
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Yard Vac Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Misc. Lawn Care
Ideal for both residential and property maintenance, this yard vac features a single speed, rear wheel self-propelled drive system great for hilly and turf type conditions. This vac has a large 27-Inch clearing path making it easy to maintain lawns, driveways, decks, parking lots, fence lines and more. Collect pine-cones, leaves, grass clippings, bottles, cans and glass.
$ 55.00 Daily Rate
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Power Rake / Dethatcher Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Misc. Lawn Care
This Dethatcher efficiently removes matted thatch from turf in 20” passes, covering 13,000 SF/hour! Because the rotation is down sweep, the flails propel the PR forward, making it self-propelled and reducing fatigue. Additionally, because it weighs slightly more than other power rakes out there, with steel guards, heavier wheels, premium bearings, and a 10-gauge steel engine base, the PR absorbs much of the vibration before it is transferred to the handle, which improves operator comfort and handling.
$ 60.00 Daily Rate
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Aerator - 22 inch Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Aerators
The perfect rental aerator! Easy for homeowners to operate, incredibly low cost to maintain, so compact that it stores economically and transports even in many automobiles and SUVs. Storage/transport dimensions are an incredible 22" width, 22" height and 37" length. Given these features, you’ll be surprised that the PL410 Rental produces aeration results similar to machines twice its size and cost. 
$ 65.00 Daily Rate
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Aerator -18 Inch, Gas, Walk Behind Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Aerators
If you want a healthy lush lawn then you may need to aerate it to improve drainage, relieve compaction, and reduce thatch to allow more nutrients to reach the roots. This compact 18" aerator is ideal for smaller property aeration or rentals and features reciprocating cam tines that propel the unit forward and drive cores up to 7 cm deep. It is simple to operate, easy to steer without lifting and requires no add-on weights. The easy folding handle allows for compact transport.
$ 70.00 Daily Rate
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Lawn Slicer/Seeder Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Misc. Lawn Care
Easily Transported! This turf overseeder makes seeding a new lawn or overseeding an existing lawn quick and easy. Features folding handle and quick-remove seed box for easy transportation; 1-1/2 inch spacing between blades 5-position, single action height adjustment; and pin attachment design allows for quick removal of seed box to empty out excess seed.
$ 75.00 Daily Rate
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Mower- Bush Hog, Walk Behind, 26 inch cut Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Mowers
Do you have rough-cutting high grasses and weeds on your property? This mower is an incredibly durable walk behind weed mower. The variable speed transmission is controlled by turning the handle forward or backwards. It is a versatile mower that is fast, turns tight and cuts clean. Don't wait any longer, rent this machine and get your job done today!
$ 80.00 Daily Rate
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Landscape Bed Edger Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Misc. Lawn Care
This edger is perfect for shaping landscape beds to separate the landscape from your lawn or to prepare earth to put decorative bricks around your flower beds. It's also great for installing pet fences & low voltage lighting! Adjust the cutting depth from 2”-4” to get your perfect edge. Plus, you can cut curved or straight bed edges without a problem.
$ 80.00 Daily Rate
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Aerator- 25 Inch, Gas Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Aerators
This Aerator is self-propelled with a front wheel drive system, a rugged, 4-Cycle OHV engine design for increased efficiency and optimal power transfer and has a variable speed hydrostatic drive transmission. It can be operated on slopes and hills up to 20 degrees with better control and less fatigue when working on hilly property. It has a user friendly finger-tip controlled bail that also features an auto-stop safety feature for quick stopping.
$ 85.00 Daily Rate
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Trencher- 18 inch Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Trenchers
Walk-behind trenchers are useful for creating narrow, medium depth trenches in areas with reasonable elbow room. This trencher does what you need it to do and more! It will trench close to walls, fences, etc. This small, operator propelled, chain-type trencher is designed for jobs requiring up to an 18" trench in a short period of time. It features easy to use, operator-friendly controls and will fit through narrow gates and doorways.
$ 90.00 Daily Rate
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Aerator- 30 in, self propelled, walk behind Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Aerators
This aerator is rated up to 35,000 sq. ft. per hour, has a 30" aeration width and 2.75" core depth. It maneuvers with relative ease, has up to 50% fewer components and increases productivity on typical residential and commercial applications. The unique cam powered design punches cleaner, deeper holes in tough soil conditions. No messy water ballast or heavy add-on extra weights either!
$ 95.00 Daily Rate
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Mower- Zero Turn, 60 inch Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Mowers
60" Cutting Deck & Cutting Heights 1.5" to 5"!! Mow at speeds up to 9 mph in comfort with coil spring suspension seat and large rear drive tires to absorb the bumps. Mow hillsides with confidence on the Pioneer 60" with Roll Over Protection system and heavy duty frame for added weight and stability. This mower has a rear discharge deck that allows for increased productivity and better maneuverability around trees, buildings and landscape.
$ 160.00 Daily Rate
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Aerator- 30 inch, stand-on Lawn & Tree Care, Lawn & Landscape, Aerators
The 30" stand-on model boasts a powerful Kawasaki V-Twin engine with integrated hydraulics. It applies up to 1,200 lbs. of down pressure on the tines to pull up to 5" cores, and operators can finely tune the hydraulic system to pull any length of plug on the fly. Electronic foot pedal controls also allow the operator to raise and lower the tines instantly for quick zero-turn maneuvers. In addition, the floating operator platform isolates the operator from vibrations for an exceptionally smooth ride.
$ 230.00 Daily Rate
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