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Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control

We carry all the equipment needed to remove the water, get it dry and eliminate lingering odors!

PortaCool Portable Evaporative Cooler Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control, Tents
Your Summer party guests will be comfortable even on the hottest days with a portable cooler. This cooler provides effective and efficient methods of cooling and circulation of air in many environments from outdoor parties to spot cooling in a warehouse.
$ 125.00 Daily Rate
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Air Purifier/ Deodorizer - NO OZONE, Large Area Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control
The Titan 4000 Hydroxyl Generator is a large unit with 5,000 CFM fan output, for effective treatment of up to 40,000 cubic feet. Safe to run in inhabited areas because it produces zero ozone. This machine is the right choice for air purification and deodorization of larger areas. Using an example of a 1,000 cubic foot area, the Titan 4000 can effectively sanitize and deodorize the air within 1 hour.
$ 90.00 Daily Rate
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Air Purifier/ Deodorizer- NO OZONE Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control
The Titan 2000 Hydroxyl Generator is capable of knocking out odors, killing germs, cleaning the air, eliminating poisonous gases and organic pollutants in occupied spaces without any need for respiratory PPE, containment, or evacuation of the premises. This machine effectively treats up to 20,000 cubic feet while creating NO OZONE.
$ 65.00 Daily Rate
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200 Cfm Hepa Vac System Concrete & Compaction, Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control, Miscellaneous
This 200 Cfm EDCO Vacuum System will help you stay OSHA compliant. Use Hepa Vacuum systems for dust control with EDCO grinders, scarifiers, scabblers and hardscape & masonry saws. Ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor working environments: Collecting dust and debris from construction equipment; Dust control in wood shops, welding shops, drywall contractors, powder paint booth systems, etc; Lead paint removal. IMPORTANT: THIS UNIT REQUIRES A DEDICATED 20 AMP CIRCUIT @ 110 volt !
$ 60.00 Daily Rate
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Dehumidifier- 28 GPD Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control
The compact size of the Phoenix R200 has engineered componentry capable of producing “extra-large” performance. The R200 delivers 125 ppd (AHAM), using only 8.3 amps, in a 20” x 20” footprint that weighs only 105 lbs. The proven LGR design is roto-molded high impact plastic. The R200, with its patented bypass technology for higher temperature operation, maintains its added capacity and superior grain depression across a broad operating range.
$ 55.00 Daily Rate
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Air Purifier/ Deodorizer - OZONE Machine, 600 mg/hr Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control
This 600 mg/hr Ozone Machine neutralizes and eliminates odors. It will also deactivate and destroy molds, bacteria, virus, fungus, and mildew. This ozone generator is designed and built for the utmost reliability in the harshest environments.
$ 40.00 Daily Rate
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Portable Air Scrubber- 500 CFM Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control
The DefendAir HEPA 500 is a powerful air scrubber and negative air machine. It features high efficiency air filtration and extreme versatility – all with a small footprint! It provides variable speed control from 250 to 500 CFM, the typical airflow level demanded on a restoration job. The HEPA 500 can address indoor air quality quickly and efficiently, and help restore any environment to a pre-loss condition.
$ 40.00 Daily Rate
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Dehumidifier - 14 GPD Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control
Stackable and easy to transport, the Revolution's space-saving design lets you bring high performance drying power to every task. This small, light Xactimate “Large” category dehu can handle more water removal than units 2–3 times its size! It delivers “Large” dehu performance yet fits where others don’t – crawlspaces, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. The control panel displays inlet and outlet temp and RH plus grain depression in real time.
$ 40.00 Daily Rate
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Barrel Fan Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control
This is an ideal fan for workshops, garages, warehouses and anywhere people and machines need to be kept cool. This model offers a reliable, economical solution to all your medium-sized ventilation requirements. Construction site jobs, such as drying out water-damaged areas or speeding the curing process of concrete, tile and drywall are only a few of the many uses for this fan.
$ 25.00 Daily Rate
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Turbo Blower Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control
You can use this air moving unit to dry carpeted or hard floor areas. It helps to provide room ventilation and quick drying. Can be used in combination with commercial dehumidifiers to help dry heavily dampened areas more quickly. It features 4 different operating positions: excels in drying in its normal stand up position, flat on its back, stacked, or tilted at 45 degrees.
$ 20.00 Daily Rate
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Floor Fan- 24 inch Fans, Dehumidifiers, Mold & Odor Control
This 24 inch roll-around tilt fan is ideal for garages, basements, covered patios, workshops or even warehouse and factory stations. It is also an excellent choice for small indoor construction site jobs such as drywall, paint and tile projects or water damage and carpet drying. Lightweight but efficient, this versatile multipurpose fan offers a diversely economical solution for all of your small to medium-sized ventilation requirements.
$ 15.00 Daily Rate
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