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Carpet & Floor Care

Need to clean, buff, cut, edge, polish, sand, stretch or strip? We have the tools!

Flood Master Water Extractor Carpet & Floor Care
This extractor has dual 2 stage vacuums and a submersible pump which will dispose of up to 65 gallons per minute. The Rental includes a carpet wand with a 25' extraction hose and a 50' pump out hose.
$ 65.00 Daily Rate
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Carpet Cleaner- Professional Grade, Heated, 500 psi Carpet & Floor Care
This Heated 500 psi Carpet Extractor was designed with cleaning professionals in mind. It has waist-high switches and bucket-high drains along with 10″ semi-pneumatic, foam-filled wheels and 4″ locking casters for easy mobility around the job site or even stairs. Rental comes with a wand and 25 foot hose.
$ 65.00 Daily Rate
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Floor Stripper- 8 inch Carpet & Floor Care
The 8 inch Floor Stripper is ideal for removing vinyl tile, linoleum tile, VCT, carpeting, and other soft floor coverings at up to 200 SF per hour! It features a multiple position hand held assembly. Push plate & built-in weight make material removal a quick & easy job.
$ 58.00 Daily Rate
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10 inch Tile Saw Carpet & Floor Care
Our 10 inch Tile Saw will help you cut tile with ease. It features a 1 1/2 HP fan cooled motor with 2 position motor post cutting head for convenient cutting of various tile sizes. This saw is capable of a 3" depth of cut, 20" length of cut and 14" diagonal tile cut.
$ 52.00 Daily Rate
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Drum Floor Sander Carpet & Floor Care
This Drum Floor Sander is ideal for refinishing old or distressed flooring. It has a totally enclosed, dust free, heavy-duty 1-1/2 HP dual capacitor motor. It disassembles easily for transport.
$ 50.00 Daily Rate
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Extractor/Vacuum - 11 Gal. Wet/Dry HEPA Carpet & Floor Care
The Makita 11 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA Filter Dust Extractor/Vacuum is a best-in-class solution for dust extraction in concrete and woodworking applications. The VC4210L is powered by a 12 AMP motor that generates 148 CFM of suction power and 92” of water lift to take on the most challenging applications. Designed with contractors in mind, it combines power with less noise and less weight in a smaller footprint and is ideal for indoor and room-to-room applications.
$ 50.00 Daily Rate
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Floor Sander- Oscillating, Square Carpet & Floor Care
To prepare your floor for refinishing, this sander utilizes random-orbital sanding action to efficiently remove the scratch patterns left behind from drum or rotary sanders. This will leave you with a smooth, flat floor surface that is ready to refinish. This is the perfect machine for "screen and recoat" and fine finish sanding applications.
$ 49.00 Daily Rate
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Floor Edger- 7 inch Carpet & Floor Care
A floor edger is designed to be used with a drum sander for sanding close to the wall line. It's great for hard to reach places like closets, bathrooms and stair treads.
$ 38.00 Daily Rate
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Hardwood Floor Nailer-Pneumatic, 16 Gauge Carpet & Floor Care
This pneumatic hardwood floor nailer, designed with the professional in mind, drives 16 gauge L cleat floor nails from 1-1/2" to 2" in length. The features include a trigger safety, pressure sealed aluminum body, powder-coated exterior finish, cast steel foot, and extruded aluminum nail channel. This nailer is excellent for installing 5/8", 3/4" and 33/32" tongue and groove hardwood flooring.
$ 36.00 Daily Rate
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Floor Polisher- 17 in. Carpet & Floor Care
This unit is a high performance versatile floor polisher with a 17 inch diameter round pad and a powerful 1.5 hp motor. At only 65 decibels, it is only slightly louder than typical conversation. The all metal construction is designed for heavy duty use and is ideal for scrubbing, grinding, polishing, or bonnet cleaning a floor. It operates at 175 rpm.
$ 35.00 Daily Rate
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Tile Saw- w/ Stand- 1 1/4 HP, 7 inch Carpet & Floor Care
A lightweight and portable tile saw, this is made to the highest professional specifications. It features a built in 45° miter system, and plunge capability makes cutting outlets and other openings quick and easy. The 5/8-Inch diameter chrome-plated linear guide bar provides smooth, straight, rigid support for precision cutting. Includes aluminum die cast table.
$ 35.00 Daily Rate
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Carpet Power Stretcher Carpet & Floor Care
This carpet stretcher adjusts for 37 inches to 23 feet. The driving head has an adjustable locking feature for partial stretches and 3 standard size extension tubes.
$ 30.00 Daily Rate
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Screw Gun- Super drive for decking & flooring Carpet & Floor Care
This SuperDrive collated screw system runs at 2,600 rpm for the professional subfloor, decking and dry-wall installer. The 19-inch extension handle lets the user install screws in a standing position to dramatically reduce fatigue. This system can drive screws ranging from 3/4 to 3 inches without any attachments. Depth control is achieved by the surelock fine adjustment, and bit life is deeply enhanced with the patented LOX drive system.
$ 25.00 Daily Rate
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Carpet Seaming Iron Carpet & Floor Care
The ultra-low profile and narrow handle of this iron make it easier to bring the seam together near the back of the iron. The back tip of the base is grooved to comb adhesive to the wall as the iron is angled out. This prevents "dragging-off" of adhesive which can cause failure.
$ 15.00 Daily Rate
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Linoleum Roller Carpet & Floor Care
This Linoleum Roller is made from solid steel for a lifetime of trouble free service. Flooring materials are protected by the roller's smooth surface and rounded corners. Each roller section floats independently on the axle to compensate for subfloor inconsistencies.
$ 14.00 Daily Rate
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Knee Kicker Carpet & Floor Care
The Adjustable Carpet Knee Kicker is engineered with extra heavy aluminum castings and industrial grade steel to provide rugged strength and durability. Double locking pins let you easily adjust the length from 21 in. to 24 1/2 in., while a high contour neck lets you maneuver over stretcher heads and poles. The wide head features 3 nap grips.
$ 12.00 Daily Rate
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Floor Tile Cutter- Manual Carpet & Floor Care
This manual Floor Tile Cutter has an adjustable 12-3/4" wide blade that cuts all resilient floor tiles. It is very simple to operate and accurate!
$ 10.00 Daily Rate
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