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Jacks, Jack Stands, Transmission Jacks and more!

Welder, Lincoln Electric Weld Pak, 140 HD Wire Feed Automotive, Miscellaneous
The Weld-Pak 140 HD works great for home projects as well as basic auto body welding. With simple 2 knob tapped control, the machine is easy to set up for gas-less flux-cored welding for deep penetration on thicker steel or gas-shielded MIG welding on thin gauge steel, stainless or aluminum.
$ 40.00 Daily Rate
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Transmission Jack- 1 Ton Automotive
This one ton jack can be used for the removal, installation and moving of heavy duty diesel truck transmissions. It features a universal adjustable saddle with four brackets that can be lined up with transmission pan configurations. Two safety chains and adjustment hardware secure the transmission to the jack's saddle.
$ 20.00 Daily Rate
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Service Jack- Rapid Lift, 3 Ton, Aluminum Automotive
This 3 ton jack reaches a max height of 19.3 inches in 7.5 pumps. It has side mounted handles for easy jack positioning and wide track wheels for easy maneuverability. The rubber saddle pad and foam bumper pad protect the vehicle. Thick frame side plates and reinforced lift arm for added strength, chassis torsion control and durability.
$ 13.00 Daily Rate
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Jack Stand- 12 Ton Automotive
These 12-ton Jack Stands can bear an impressive 24,000 lb. of weight. They're made of heavy-duty steel and their height is adjustable for your convenience. The one piece multi position ductile ratchet bar provides super strength and durability. The quick adjustment mechanism securely locks it into the desired location hence providing superior safety.
$ 12.00 Daily Rate
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Jack Stand- 6 Ton Automotive
This pair of 6-ton Jack Stands are crafted with heavy-duty steel to help ensure strength and are factory tested for reliability. They feature a safety-pin design for added security when working beneath vehicles. They have a 12,000 lb. load capacity.
$ 8.00 Daily Rate
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Hydraulic Bottle Jack Automotive
This Hydraulic Bottle Jack has a 22 ton capacity and low profile height. The pump piston and ram are chrome plated for added corrosive resistance increasing durability. High or low temperatures do not affect the performance for increased location versatility. It functions in an upright, angled or horizontal position for increased versatility.
$ 8.00 Daily Rate
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Tri-Ball Hitch - black Automotive
With this versatile tri-ball hitch you can switch towing balls with just a turn of the shaft. It fits 2 in. receivers, has a hollow shank and handles a range of ball sizes and towing weights - 1 7/8", 2" & 2 5/16" balls. It is lightweight for easy handling and the welded steel towing balls are made for heavy-duty towing.
$ 5.00 Daily Rate
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